[hist-analytic] Austin, How To Do Things With Externalism

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Sat Jan 2 15:51:59 EST 2010

ps. re contracts and Hart.
S. R. Bayne quotes Hart, and I mentioned Austin (in my "Grice and Grice")  
meaning John Austin, not J. L. Austin.

The limerick I was thinking is pretty rude, but I asterisked the wrong  
word, and it's (c) Donal McEvoy, a friend of mine who lives in London and 
writes  limericks for a living (not his):

There once was a philosopher Hart
Who considered John Austin a  f*rt
"Well suggesting, of course,
That law's just commands backed by  force
Gives all Nazis a massive headstart."
When I was discussing these things in Buenos Aires, with a student of  
Bulygin (R. Aranovich) we were able to discuss at length Hart (an Anglo-Jewish,  
in fact) and his distinction between
readings of things, like "This woman should be driving on the left side of  
the street". I think Hart's target was John Austin, who indeed thought that 
'the  law' (which is an ASS) "is "just commands backed by force". 
And making 'force' sublter as 'illocutionary' force via (J. L. Austin) is  
no help!
J. L. Speranza

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