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As most of you know, I am academically unaffiliated. My assets are not 

a function of private sector interest. Recently,  it has been suggested that 

were I to write an analytical critique of Rawls, before 2011, I would stand 

to benefit over and above the return from book sales. I have accepted the 


I will, therefore, be limiting most of my posts to issues related to the 

topic of the social contract. The focus will be on fiscal policy in view of 

remarks made, in particular, by Rawls in _Political Liberalism_. Columbia, 

1993. This will not be narrowly partisan, but it will be written from the 

standpoint of reconciliation between the Austrian school of economics 

and the views of Schumpeter and Baumol et al. This will be an aggressive 

attack on Rawls and related views. 

I will be examining Hobbes, Rousseau, and Hegel on contracts and a 

number of issues related to Ron Dworkin's _Taking Rights Seriously_. 

I will begiin with a critique of Lewis on contract and convention, though 

I may withhold posting this for a bit. 

I will let stand Bruce's criticism and return, time permitting, to the objectives 

of that exchange. I will say only that he fails to understand the point raised 

by my reference to Poincare and generally oversimplifies the positions he 

opposes. In this regard intuition is a case in point, where he seems to 

criticize intuition that are bad as if they are the best intuitions the intuitionist 

can come up with, etc. I hope to return to this, but financial and other 

reasons make it, almost, imperative that I engage the topics of Rawls, 

Amartya Sen, Arrow, James Buchanan etc. in a more or less Hobbesian 

framework, strange as that may sound. By the way, Hegel on The Philosophy 

of Right is astonishinlgy good! More later. 

None of this should discourage ongoing or new discussion of issues strictly 

related to the history of analytical philosophy. Most of my remarks will be 

historically based. 

Best wishes to all. 

Steve Bayne 
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