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"I will be examining Hobbes..."
"I engage the topics ... in a more or less Hobbesian
framework, strange as that may sound."


That is excellent, and all good wishes to you.

When I was doing Grice, I was fascinated by a discussion of him in Judy 
Baker (Grice´s collaborator)´s husband, I. M. Hacking, the Canada-born 
philosopher. In his "Why does language matter to philosophy,"
he cares to take Hobbes more or less seriously into consideration. 
Matter of fact, he calls Hobbes a proto- (or as I prefer, paleo-) 
Gricean. Mainly in terms of intentions to display an "artificial" sign. 
If I recall aright, Hacking´s example of Hobbes is "Stone!"

The obvious point: by uttering, "Stone!¨ the utterer U means that his 
or her addressee should form the belief that the utterer is 
entertaining the content, "stone". No mediate naive views there.

So, I just thought that Bayne´s point about turning Hobbesian contra 
Rawls sounds very good.


J. L. Speranza
   for the Grice Circle

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