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I forget if it went thru, but I wanted to share this ref. then to Geach. I  
was saying that when I had to pass that class in Ethics (prof. Guariglia) I 
 recall with cherishness the surprise of the examiners when I brought in an 
 example from the required biblio, Philippa Foot, Theories of Morals. The 
example  was (it was a horrible tr. to the vernacular and so I never remember 
Geach's  original example)
   It is a good prychtolometer.
Geach argues that this sentence makes sense, even if we have no idea what a 
 prychtolometer is. He says it means:
   It is a prycholometer
        and it is good at any
              that a prycholometer is supposed to do.
So I assume the same with
   "Fair Marian"
"Marian is a fair one"
A fair -- person?
It seems that 'fair', applies to THINGS, or persons. To speak
    fair's fair
involves a second-order predicate calculus, which may not be Grice's cup of 
 tea ("I am wedded to first order predicate calculus with identity").
   He is a good judge.
He is good at whatever a judge is supposed to do.
That was a good decision by the judge. Unfair to the backbone, of course,  
but still good.

I hold that the utterance above, unless uttered by Richard Nixon, is  
But more later, I hope. Must rush
J. L. S.
    Grice refers to Nixon in "Aspects of Reason" online, and  imagines what 
Nixon's opening lecture would be as he is appointed White's  professor of 
moral philosophy.
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