[hist-analytic] The Diversions of Purley

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I can't get structure out of my mind. Hope this  
doesn't become a diversion. It's the sort of thing 
that has kept me from  finishing anything for thirty 
years or more. 

---- Come on. Look on the bright side, Steve. Who wants to _finish_ things? 
 Finish things is _killing_ them, and we won't want that happen, will  we?

This Tooke was a genius. He was always, or allways as I prefer,  
'diverting' his-self, and others! And at Purleigh, too, where you won't find  anyone 
to divert other than your-self, on occasion!
I read from wiki:

"On his return from Huntingdonshire [the author of  "The diversions of 
Purley"] became once more a frequent guest at Tooke's  house at Purley, and in 
1782 assumed the name of Horne Tooke. In 1786 Horne  Tooke conferred 
perpetual fame upon his benefactor's country house by adopting,  as a second title 
of his elaborate philological treatise of "Epea Pteroenta" —  the expression 
ἔπεα πτερόεντα comes from Homer — the more popular though  misleading 
title of The Diversions of Purley. The treatise at once attracted  attention 
in England and the Continent. The first part was published in 1786,  the 
second in 1805. The best edition is that which was published in 1829, under  
the editorship of Richard Taylor, with the additions written in the author's  
interleaved copy."

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