[hist-analytic] Reciprocity: Rousseau vs. Locke

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Thu Jan 28 06:12:05 EST 2010

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Baynesr at comcast.net writes:
I note your mention of Bennett. If you mean the  guy 
who did that sixties book on Kant then I know who 
you mean.  


Indeed. Jonathan Francis Bennett. Born in New Zealand,  educated at Oxford, 
now Emeritus in Syracuse.

I read from the amazon.com  ref. to the Locke book that it's basically 
about his views on  meaning.

"SOMEONE may utter words and mean nothing by them, or hear words  and 
understand nothing by them: communication involves not just uttering and  
hearing, but..", he writes.
It's possibly too general a study on Locke to quote in your study,  though.

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