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Fri Jan 29 16:45:53 EST 2010

I may jot a thing or two in the griceclub.blogspot about this, some day,  
but wanted to share with S. R. Bayne my discovery that, as per Chapman's bio 
--  often quoted by yours truly -- Grice was interested in things like
        free for lunch
Chapman: "Grice's notes from the early 1980s show him applying the familiar 
 techniques of 'linguistic botanising' to the concept of freedom."
which I trust will feature in Bayne's concerns -- e.g. this commentary on  
Rawls. It seems to me that only free agents can _enter_ contracts that will 
bind  them. Odd paradox but lovely --.
Chapman continues:

"He jotted down phrases such as 'alcohol-free',  'free for lunch', and 
'free-wheeling', and listed many possible definitions,  including 'liberal', 
'acting without restriction' and 'frank in conversation'. 
versus "Frank (Sibley) in conversation." Oops.
J. L. Speranza
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