[hist-analytic] My FTD project

Roger Bishop Jones rbj at rbjones.com
Mon Feb 1 10:43:30 EST 2010

A little less than a year ago I described on hist-analytic a project I had
in mind for a monograph on "The Fundamental Triple-Dichotomy".


I hoped to use hist-analytic as a sounding board for the ideas.  This has 
happened to some extent, but only in relation to the most fundamental and 
elementary parts, disagreement on these has effectively blocked any progression 
onto less elementary issues.

Throughout the year my ideas have evolved, seemingly with ever increasing 
pace, but progress has been in my conception of the project rather than its 
execution.  We have discussed some of the central ideas of the project on 
hist-analytic, without much sign of rapprochement, even between myself and 
philosophers one would imagine to be sympathetic.

I think it safe now to say that the FTD project has disappeared, having been 
subsumed under a series of broader projects (first "Metaphysical Positivism", 
now "Positive Philosophy").  I am now playing at once with several different 
ideas for philosophical books, and at the same time hoping that this year I 
will make substantial progress in the execution of at least one of them.

A large part of this is analytic philosophy, some of it is historical.
I won't attempt to describe in greater detail my present projects, but if 
anyone is interested I do try to keep (or achieve) at www.rbjones.com as good 
a picture of where I am and where I am going as possible, and will be glad to 
discuss any of this here on hist-analytic.

All this is part of my own search for a viable way forward for myself in doing 
analytic philosophy, which because of my dissatisfaction with the status quo 
is an enterprise which is substantially metaphilosophical.

I wonder whether a general discussion of ways forward for analytic philosophy 
would be of interest?

Roger Jones

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