[hist-analytic] Whither Analytic Philosophy?

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Thanks for the question, R. B.

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>I wonder whether a general discussion of ways forward for analytic  
>would be of interest?

I guess I'll look for Aunt Matilda's crystal ball in the attic. But here  
below some google hits (first page for "whither analytic philosophy?" which 
may  lead (somewhere).
-- I am myself now become a 'historicist': with Grice dead in 1988 --  
whither indeed! I mean, we still have those 14 cartoons to scan and things --  
but ...
--- People are talking of 'post-analytic', now -- but these are people who  
never _were_ analytic in the first person, which makes their speculations 
rather  mystic.
It is good to consider 'apostasies', as I call them. Schiffer, great  
Griceanist; in 1987, he has a revelation. Almost burns his "Meaning" and writes,  
"Remnants of meaning". Grandy/Warner invite him to contribute to the PGRICE 
 festschrift where he protects his-self with, "I trust Paul will bear (or  
forebear, I forget) my apostasy" -- and his case has not been unique.
Mind, with Grice living a couple 20 years more, he might just as well  
turned into a pre-Cartesian.
I mean, analytic philosophy is as broad and diverse as "analytic  
philosophers". You, R. B. Jones, are a positivist, so you are, I guess,  concerned 
with 'whither _positivism_?", rather.
But I'm starting to ramble...
J. L. Speranza
   for the griceclub.blogspot.

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