[hist-analytic] Positivism in 21th.-Century Analytic Philosophy

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Tue Feb 2 13:18:23 EST 2010

That´s R. B. Jones!   Sorry for pompous header, and I see poor Stephen 
is having problems with Word. Indeed a bad software, it seems. Anyway, 
a little ps. in care R. B. Jones cares to comment on the


to what I see his "metaphysical" scheme: positivism. I see he may 
endorse a NEUTRAL view of "positivism" as the "logical" positivists 
once endorsed. Where "positivism" has little in the way of comparison 
with things like Comte´s philosophy and stuff.

But perhaps, no. And Jones is a _positivist_ of the old school as he 
should and as I would myself be, if I could make sense of the idea of 
"progress" which was in Comte´s head and in the contributors to the 
"Unified Science" project.

Grice writes, "beware of the devil of scientism", in Conception of 

Oddly, I love a devil -- and one of my favourite operas is 
"Mefistofele" by Boito.



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