[hist-analytic] Positivism in 21st-Century Analytic Philosophy

jlsperanza at aol.com jlsperanza at aol.com
Fri Feb 5 15:01:23 EST 2010

A correction on the typo in header.


It´s 1, it´s 2, it´s 3.
It´s first, it´s second, it´s third.

Some people have noted that while

3, 2, 1

form a scale that generates "scalar implicatures"

Third, Second, First

would not. I disagree. I too think that "third, second, first" generate 
scalar implicatures.

Second ObGricean: Is it the case that ordinals for, say, 1, are 
IRREGULAR in all natural language.

Cfr prim-ero, segund-o, in Spanish. premiere in French. primo in 

Levinson, and later Beutinck, have looked for evidence of numerals and 
ordinals in languages other than English. From what I recall, in a 
language that Levinson researched on (he is an anthropologist at 
heart), more than "5" means "too many" (It IS a digital language 
alright!) Cheers. JLS

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