[hist-analytic] Rosebud and cherry-tree landscape -- _desserted_

Jlsperanza at aol.com Jlsperanza at aol.com
Sun Feb 7 09:14:37 EST 2010

Yet another ref. in the "Carnap and Grice on analysis" series. This one  
already discussed, but again in terms of Grice's view on "minimalism". All his 
 betes noires end in -ism. His idea that, to use Strawson's simile in "A  
logician's landscape", the minimalist paints a florid landscape as brutally  
deserted. Etc. JL Speranza.
     ps. A compleat list of the betes noires perhaps in  order, perhaps at 
the Griceclub.blogspot.com
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