[hist-analytic] Shuga-Free, or Shuga-Fix?

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We are considering some discussion by Grice on who he calls "Shuga" --  
well, that was P. Cole. We know he meant "Sluga" ("Radical Pragmatics", ed.  
Cole) -- the proper-name reference dropped when the essay got included in  WoW.
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quotes from Grice: (WoW:essay, "Presuppositon and Conversational  
"We are then committed to the STRUCTURAL   ambiguity

Speranza's examples:
    [the pirot does not karulize elatically] 
> [eg. since he died some  years  ago]

and asks
"How is this a structural ambiguity?"

Well, precisely in cases where 'the pirot' is a 'vacuous' not name, here,  
but description (or a vacuous definite description) and where ascribe  to 
its referent (the denotatum for 'the pirot' which is nowhere to be ascribed  
anything) that it karulises elatically seems otiose.
In the case of the affirmative version
        the pirot karulises  elatically
--in a scenario where 'the pirot' has no denotatum, the thing is  FALSE.
--in a scenario where 'the pirot' has no denotatum, though, to negate
        the pirot does not karulise  elatically
turns the thing TRUE.
"It is true that the pirot does not karulise elatically: the pirot died  
some years ago".
--- This is the 'structural ambiguity' Grice is talking about.
It could do to see how Carnap dealt with 'vacuous' portions of the universe 
 of discourse like that.
It's noteworthy that these problems arise in connection only with the third 
 quantifier Grice lists in WoW:ii, 'the'. It certainly does not arise with 
'all'  which possibly had him fighting with Strawson back in 1952,
         "None of the pirots in the  room karulise elatically"
         "But there are  none!"
         "That's precisely what I  mean"
                    cfr. "books on the table are by English writers" in 
long appendix to post on  "Vacuity", THIS FORUM.
            "All of  Smith's children are sleeping"
            "He has  none"
             "That's what I said. And they are all sleeping"
                     (x)Cx --> Sx
J. L. Speranza

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