[hist-analytic] Grotius -- and Grice: important philosophers whose surnames beging with "Gr".

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I'm glad to be able to share the Lakoff bit with you. I read and re-read it 
 and learn more things about it. I especially like his story behind getting 
Grice  contributing that "Logic and Conversation" piece to Cole/Morgan 
(that also  included Lakoff/Johnson, Conversational Postulates). He also (Lakoff 
did) 10,000  copies of it for the 1973 Performadillo thing, so if one 
person is responsible  for the fame and infame of the implicature, you know!
I love Grotius!
  -- and there's Grandy, too. 
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This  was
somewhat anticipated by Grotius, who deserves a bit
more credit than  MacPherson is will to admit.

Lakoff is a positively wonderful thinker  and, from my
limited experience, human being. I met him once
at a  cognitive science conference where I gave a paper
on modeling causal  relations. Lackoff's rejection
of compositionality confirmed every  suspicion I've
had about attempting this sort of modeling. Anyway,
he's  very good and most impottantly intellectually

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