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I'm glad Bayne suspects that McPherson is not fair enough with  Grotius!

>From wiki:

"[the man] laid the foundations for  international law, based on natural 
and Grice was ALWAYS emphasing how natural things are once you look at them 
 from the naturally natural point of view.

This was the real Grice. When that infamous person wrote about the  "causes 
of death of famous philosopher" he wrote:
   Grice: non-natural causes

>From wiki, on Grotius Senior:
"he groomed his son from an early age in a traditional humanist and  
Aristotelian education."
Same cannot be said of Grice. His father was dead by the time he could  
care. It was ALL Grice's mother the one to congratulate here! But yes,  he was 
groomed into a fine Aristotelian education alright.
Chapman notes that since Grice could not attend a proper prep, this  mother 
who ran this lah-di-dah school in the premises of his affluent mansion at  
Harborne, "would accept the Grices -- Paul and Derek" in her  classes, 
provided they would not implicate too much." (or words).
First google page for hits for "Grotius McPherson Hobbes" below.

J. L. Speranza
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