[hist-analytic] Grotius and Grice: The Importance of the Historical Context

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You  might just let him know you posted this, as he
might be queried since it's  in the very nice Archive
set up by Roger.
--- I should, yes!
The text of the email from Lakoff I actually retrieved from another  
website, and it's in the public domain. (It was posted by R. A. Hudson to a  
public forum). I'm NOT familiar with cogling and the way posts are archived  
there. In any case, our ref., if pressed, is Hudson's redistributing Lakoff's  
post elsewhere. 
----- Many of those lists are 'internal'. It seems Lakoff (I was only a  
member of CogLing for a time, and I don't Know if I'm still subscribed -- I  
unsubscribed to some of those lists, as I recall) is addressing the topics to 
 who he regards as "linguists working in the cognitive linguistic 
tradition" etc. 
As a member of hist-analytic we know we are addressing the topics to  
historians of analytic philosophy.

And when I really want to go "Gricean" I address them to  

But all is in the public domain, so there!

Now back to Grotius!
If Grotius and Grice were not Great, who was!

Grice  said, "We should treat those who were great and are now dead
     as if they were great (as they were) but were now  ALIVE"
J. L. Speranza

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