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in first  order logic, none of the logical operators 
are  constants.
Excuse me, again, my naivete. You mean they are not non-logical constants?  
I can see that 'constant' has these two uses:
non-logical constant (of individual): a, b, c, ... n
non-logical constant (of predicate): F, G, H, ...
but there would be 
logical constant for 1-ary truth-functor: -
logical constants for 2-ary truth-functors: &, v, ->
logical constant for quantifier: (x), (Ex), (ix).
--- And what Toulmin seems to be saying as per you above, that the choice  
of the logical constants in a language is a matter of choice. Modal logic 
alla  Kripke, for example, has the Nec. operator as a logical constant. 
Hintikka's  doxastic logic may have "Bel" as a logical constant -- although it 
looks  like a common-or-garden dyadic predicate to me. Etc. 
Grice is most technical here in his contribution to the festschrift for  
Quine. This came out in 1969, "Dordrecht: Reidel -- ed Davidson/Hinikkta). All 
 the contributors had the essays ready by 1968, I think and it was all 
published  in a special issue of Synthese. Grice's contribution appeared, 
fortunately --  better late than never -- in the book form. Seeing that Grice was 
so busy with  his 'implicature' stuff just fresh from Harvard -- although 
there are quotes for  'implicature' dating back to 1964, as cited from 
archival material by Chapman  --, one is warmed up by Grice's interest in having a 
second round with  Quine.
Grice was possibly upset that Quine did not take the "Defense of a dogma"  
seriously enough, as coming from two 'ordinary-language philosophers'. This 
must  have hurt Grice quite a bit -- especially since he would remember his 
own  polemics with Strawson on this -- and the next thing he was mixing with 
all the  possible logicians in the area -- both East (Boolos, Parsons) and 
West (Myro,  Mate) to get to see if he could provide a better definition of 
'logical', inter  alia.
JL Speranza

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