[hist-analytic] Tarski, Carnap and Grice on "snow is white"

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and my example was offered as an analytic  
proposition in the metalanguage,
Oops, thanks for that. 
So if I'm following. Since English can be the Meta-language, we don't  
really need a formal proof, as it were that something is analytic _in_ the  
meta-language. But I guess the idea is to proceed, _informally_, as we have  
proceeded, _formally_, in the construction of the object-language. I suppose 
the  mere _examination_ of a claim (in the meta-language) would be enough for 
the  analyst to judge whether it is analytic or not. My procedure would be 
to refer  to something like the corresponding object-language tautology, i.e. 
the  meta-language analytic sentence _sans_ quotation marks, as it were. 
But there  may be more complications. Where would philosophy be without them?!

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