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Wed May 26 11:51:54 EDT 2010

Sorry for not posting more, particularly following Speranza's very 
encouraging words in an earlier posting. Here is a brief update. 

Within a few days I will receive a hard copy sample of the book. 
If I approve it will be available very shortly thereafter. 

I haven't posted because if I so much as breath philosophical 
air I will, most likely, abandoned a current project only 
tangentially related. I need to get a hold on some of the 
formal ideas related to J. M. Buchanan's and Kenneth Arrow's 
work in economics. When I'm doing arithmetic it is difficult 
to suppress philosophical associations. One example. 

I'm going through a delightful little book on the nature of a 
limit by Norman Miller. My view on Rawls is shaped by 
my belief that reciprocity is at the heart of a valid theory 
of social justice. So I'm thinking of various ways of 
describing the "logic" of reciprocity. I find two diverging 
notions. At one point, I'm looking at the notion of a 
harmonic series. The simplest harmonic series is 

1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/4 +... 

T here are variations such as taking the square roots of 
the denominators; or squaring them etc. But in my struggle 
to understand the mathematics of harmony it occurs to 
me that my idea of 'justice' has at its basis *some* notion 
of social harmony. So I'm thinking that since harmony 
and reciprocity have this link, maybe it should be explored 
at a different level: economics, social justice etc. It then 
occurs to me that my work in philosophy of mind was 
closer than I originally thought to some of the views of 
Pribram and Bohm. Here harmonics are important, 
particularly Fourier analysis. 

Not understanding fourier series very well I set it aside. 
I then go to Fourier himself, Harmonian Man - his 
utopia. I have read this years ago and dismissed it 
as crack pot pythagorianism etc.: numerology. I look 
closer. it now appears that ANY theory of social 
justice which is a sound alternative to Rawls (as long 
as you are contractarian, for sure) is going to 
incorporate elements of Fourier. Anyway, for a couple 
more months I'm going to be doing arithmetic. I will 
be posting more. I'm getting a wee bit side tracked by 
a work by Jerome Keisler, which is an online text: 


I've worked through other texts but this thing is 
simply fascinating. There is some "big stuff" here 
based on Abraham Robinson's work. I'll keep you 
posted on this and my theory of "justice as reciprocity" 
and "reciprocity" as a "condition of harmony." Things 
are taking shape, finally. I thought Rousseau was the 
great French political genius! I may emend my view 
and put Fourier at the top. Both great men. 



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