[hist-analytic] Now Available: Elizabeth Anscombe's INTENTION!

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Fri May 28 07:28:24 EDT 2010

Thanks for the encouragement on the occasion of completing this 
book! If it weren't for Roger the book might never have been 
published. The book would have cost an awful lot more and it 
wouldn't have been much fun in the actual production. 

I do regret not pursuing an idea I had when I could have held 
it up a bit. 

Compare using a meter stick as supplying a standard unit 
measure and the idea of rotation in defining a degree as 
1/360th of a rotation. Note that 'one rotation' is a constant; 
something that doesn't depend on any particular circle, 
whereas a meter stick is a particular. This asymmetry 
is part of what is behind some of my discussion of the 
contingent a priori etc. 

I, actually, have another ms on action theory which is in 
a few big pieces. Maybe more later. 

Again, thanks to all. Once I finish doing some arithmetic 
I'll be posting a lot more; maybe on foundations, not 



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On Thursday 27 May 2010 14:47, Bayne wrote: 
> by Steven R. Bayne 

Well done Steve, its good to see it out there at last. 

Roger Jones 
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