[hist-analytic] Elizabeth Anscombe's Intention (New "Look Inside" feature)

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Wed Jun 16 12:27:01 EDT 2010

Amazon has introduced the "Look Inside" feature of my book 
_Elizabeth Anscombe's Intention_. If you're interested the URL 


By the way, sorry for not getting back in a timely fashion to emails etc. 
One thing on my mind as I do some math needed for economics is 
the idea of a Limit in calculus. You can simply substitute 'a' for 'x' 
in Lim f(x) when f(a) is defined; 

That is, 

Lim f(x) = fa 
x -> a 

But it is defined when x goes to a, where *a* is never reached. 
So the limit may be defined even when 'a' doesn't exist (as what 
x goes to), or so it seems. 

My concern here is that quantification, e.g. UG, may be possible 
where a does not exist. Not sure, just a passing thought. More later 
unless I find out how stupid the question is. We've got about four 
real live mathematicians on the list. Maybe they can set me straight. 


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