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Does anyone have any idea why I get this sort of reply? It is pretty much commonplace. I take pains at checking copyright. There is usually someone breathing down my neck looking for an excuse to cause trouble. U.. of C. will not be receiving any of my business in the future. Just a thought. 


STeve Bayne 

Dear Mr. Bayne, 

We very much appreciated your writing first; however, we do not wish you to include this article or any other UC Press materials on your unrestricted Web site. Thank you for your cooperation. 


Perry Cartwright 
Mgr., Contracts & Sub. Rights 
Univ. of Chicago Press 
1427 East 60th Street 
Chicago, IL 60637 
(773) 702 6096 
(773) 702 9756 FAX 

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Dear Press Representative, 

I operate an open access website devoted to the history of analytical philosophy, www.hist-analytic.org . At present, I have no documents originating with Philosophy of Science (a U. of C. publication). I would like to post on an open access basis Herbert Feigl's 1950 paper "Existential Hypotheses." (Phil. of Science, 17, 1950, pp. 35-62). If permission is granted, there would be an acknowledgment of the journal, a permanent link to the Philosophy of Science website, and additional acknowledgment on three professional list serves: philos-L, Hist-Analytic.org, and philosop. The website is frequented internationally by about 400 people daily and the exposure would benefit the journal and call attention to its deserved place in the history of analytical philosophy. 

Thank you 

Steven R. Bayne 

3N550 Crown Rd. 
Elmhurst IL. 60126 
Baynesr at Comcast.net 
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