[hist-analytic] McDowell and "Action in Intention"

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Wed Dec 8 11:35:55 EST 2010

John McDowell has an online lecture describing "intention in action." 


He cites "the usual suspects" but it has become increasingly evident to me that there are few, if any, action theorists who have discussed these topics who have the faintest idea of what was going on in action theory before Anscombe. I've emailed McDowell for sources so that I can determine whether his contemporaries have been influenced by earlier discussions of issues related, for example, to "shrinking intentions." As far as I can tell, F. H. Bradley is far better on this topic than anyone McDowell appears to cite. Since I'm not in the "club" I don't expect a reply, but should I receive one, I'll let you know. Since Sellars, by the way, the action theory "club" is totally clueless on the volition/intention connection. Incredible. 


Steve Bayne 
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