[hist-analytic] Complex vs. Multiple Supervenient Properties?

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Sat Jan 15 12:32:55 EST 2011

I'm racing through some stuff on supervenience theory. I have a couple of questions which are, almost certainly, addressed in Kim, somewhere; but I was hoping that someone out there might have answers thus sparing me the need to extend and accelerate my examination of Kim and supervenience. Here is the question. 

Can more than one property supervene on the same physical base? Suppose there are two. Is there a distinction to be made and, if so, how between a complex supervenient property and two supervenients on one subvenient base? If so, how is this managed? Recall, supervenience is not a causal relation. I'm operating with the belief that explanation and causation are related but are not, underlyingly, the same concepts. Explanation I reserve for events regarded as repeatable; not so causation, which I take to be "singular" in the sense of Ducasse or "generative" in the sense of Anscombe, Kim, Putnam and others.. So explaining relations of supervenient properties may not involve issues pertaining to epiphenomenalism, etc. More later. 


STeve Bayne 
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