[hist-analytic] Complex vs. Multiple Supervenient Properties?

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I am no expert but it seems to me that supervenience is essentially (but not
exactly) what mathematicians call a "surjection".  So many properties can
supervene on the same physical base (economics and consciousness for
example) or there can be a hierarchy where one level supervenes on ones
below it.

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> I'm racing through some stuff on supervenience theory. I have a couple of
> questions which are, almost certainly, addressed in Kim, somewhere; but I
> was hoping that someone out there might have answers thus sparing me the
> need to extend and accelerate my examination of Kim and supervenience. Here
> is the question.
> Can more than one property supervene on the same physical base? Suppose
> there are two. Is there a distinction to be made and, if so, how between a
> complex supervenient property and two supervenients on one subvenient base?
> If so, how is this managed? Recall, supervenience is not a causal relation.
> I'm operating with the belief that explanation and causation are related but
> are not, underlyingly, the same concepts. Explanation I reserve for events
> regarded as repeatable; not so causation, which I take to be "singular" in
> the sense of Ducasse or "generative" in the sense of Anscombe, Kim, Putnam
> and others.. So explaining relations of supervenient properties may not
> involve issues pertaining to epiphenomenalism, etc. More later.
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> STeve Bayne
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