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Or rather, "Analytic Philosophy: a 20th century chronology". 
Revising some dates as I read Aune's autobiography at

I offer below some dates for the Grice-segment towards a chronology, say,  
of 20th. century analytic philosophy.
The thing, which _sounds_ easy enough, is not perhaps THAT complicated.  
Grice was born in 1913 and died in 1988. So, in what follows below, no date 
can  be LATER than 1988. But some items in "The Grice Collection" are NOT 
dated.  Rather than write, "non-dated", as I should, I have them ALL as being 
1988 --  the last year of Grice's life which momentarily becomes his most 
prolific. But I  know I COULD do better than that.
It is customary to have collaborations AFTER listing anyone's publications. 
 And what's more, the listing for collaborations should be in alphabetical 
order  of surname of collaborator. That means
--- and Judith Baker.
--- and P. F. Strawson
and so on.
Again, in some cases, these are nondated, which I also have them then as  
------- As we read the Grice segment in Aune's narrative, say, the emphasis 
 then should be, for example, in Grice's 1950s and 1960s publications. 
Especially  the latter: 1960s. We see then that he has his 1961 "Causal theory 
of  perception" and a few items which he did publish -- like the 1962 "Some 
remarks  about the senses" in Butler's "Analytic Philosophy". Then there are 
the items  which Grice dated for the 1989 reprint of Way of Words. E.g. 1966 
Grice gives as  the date for "Descartes on clear and distinct perception". 
Finally, we have  other early 1960s material which we can date, such as his 
1963 "Lectures on  trying" at Brandeis, or Oxford 1961 "Lectures on 
negation" and the 1964 "Logic  and conversation: the Oxford lectures" which predate 
the better known "William  James" set. 
I have tried to keep editorials to the minimum, so that one can browse  
visually the years. But sometimes editorial is sort of needed. E.g. an  
interesting item being -- "and P. F. Strawson and D. F. Pears. Metaphysics" in  D. 
F. Pears, ed. The nature of metaphysics. London, Macmillan, 1957. 
The tasks are various, but I won't disclose them right now!
There is a line just before Grice's "Aristotle and multiplicity of being".  
This came out in 1988 for the Pacific Philosophical Quarterly. Yet... if 
one  reads, then, Grice (1988), with Grice dying in Aug. 1988, one may think 
that  this is just something he submitted himself. But an inspection of the  
publication shows that it was actually 'edited' (rather than 'submitted' -- 
I'll  have to recheck this) by B. Loar. In this respect, it contrasts with 
Grice  (1988), "Metaphysics, Philosophical Eschatology and Plato's Republic". 
This  Grice has 1988. But who has that? When I say, "Grice has that as 
1988" I mean  Grice 1989 -- Studies in the Way of Words. But Grice died in Aug. 
1988. Yet, in  the Table of Contents to Grice 1988, the date is for example 
given for the  "Retrospective Epilogue" as being 1987 and "Metaphysics, 
philosophical  eschatology and Plato's republic" as being 1988. We can assume 
that no  editorship other than Grice was involved in the provision of those  
dates. And so on.
When I mention 'editing task', there are various considerations. Some may  
think that if anything is going to be reprinted, it should be those items 
which  Grice published (or got published) during his lifetime, but were never  
collected, starting perhaps with "Vacuous Names" (in Davidson/Hintikka), 
through  "Intention and Uncertainty" (Proc. Brit. Acad. 1971) to "Actions and 
Events"  (1986) and his collaboration with Baker ("Davidson on weakness of 
the will").  Something like that was exactly what Urmson and Warnock had to 
deal with when  preparing Austin's "Philosophical Papers" which they kept 
enlarging to cover  some of Austin's unpublished stuff, later on, like his 
lectures on Plato's  Cave. Most of the work should come from the Bancroft 
Library itself,  though, who owns the collection. And so on.
Personally, I always love a cross-reference. Aune mentions the impression  
Kneale had on him. It is interesting to know (or 'happen to know', if you 
must)  that Grice refers to Kneale's work on induction at a rather crucial 
point in  Grice's arguments, when dealing with 'what there is'. He finds that a 
treatment  of some higher-order property is necessitated by Kneale's laws, 
and so on. So,  to all the editorial work, it's the indexing (name-index -- 
never really mind  'subject-index') that comes with it. 
There's a bit to do with transcribing lectures, too, which are still in  
tape form in the Grice Collection -- which merits the name of "Collection",  
then, rather than plain "Papers". And so on.
J. L. Speranza
Grice, H. P. 1938. Negation and privation. The Grice Collection, Bancroft  
--. 1941. Personal identity. Mind. repr. Perry.
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-- and J. Baker. Davidson on weakness of of the will. In  Hintikka/Vermazen.
--------. Reflections on morals.
--------. Notes with  Judith Baker.
-- and J. Haugeland. Hume's vagaries on personal  identity.
-- and G. J. Warnock. Visa.

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