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Aune at one point remarks that Ryle discouraged footnotes. Somewhere, Flew mentions that upon publication of the Concept of Mind Flew entered Ryle's office and congratulated him on his book. Ryle said something like: "Look! No footnotes." Footnote writing is a, comparatively, recent development. I think it has been encouraged by technical writing in the sciences. It was not uncommon to quote without citation. Even Austin, although there are some citations, neglects doing this. 

I'm trying to get at my Mele notes and motivate myself to getting them online, but the problem is that Mele does such an excellent job on Libet and Co. that my comments digress into my own theories, which is probably what few are interested in. 

I'm taking at careful look at Grunbaum's early work "Modern Science and Zeno's Paradoxes of Motion." Unlike some of his work, I find this very clear, lucid, and penetrating. I was brought to this by way of anger over Putnam's patronizing of Austin, contra Ayer, on sense data. In The Threefold Cord Putnam puts to use the idea of a sensory continuum to refute sense data theory. It is essentially related to some very early work by Poincare, although it is discussed in Russell and Ayer. After reading Broad's Scientific Thought I devised the idea of a "sensory path." This got tangled with some issues related to supervenience. 

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