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Baynesr at comcast.net Baynesr at comcast.net
Sat Jul 2 09:56:50 EDT 2011

Hist-Analytic's website is served by Earthlink. It includes hit counters that will count the number of hits each page receives each day. It also has a limited tracking capability, such as which search word terms have been used to arrive at the sight as well as the extensions, and ONLY extensions of loggers in. 

But now Earthlink APPEARS to be upgrading their system but with a lot of jazzy stuff I don't need or want. In addition, it is difficult to navigate. I notice, now, that I'm being denied access to information regarding my own system which I suspect Earthlink is selling to others. 

Does anyone know of a downloadable system that is simple and provide the information I mention? Knowing which search terms were used really helps in deciding what to post next. 

I'll be posting again once this is cleared up. The whole thing is time consuming but I'd like to know, e.g. how many hits each page receives (not just the top 20). If Earthlink lets me back on and it becomes clear as to how to navigate I may stick with them, otherwise no. 


Steve Bayne 
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