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I have't posted anything on this list for a while. The main reason is that I've been working on moving the website www.hist-analytic.org to www.hist-analytic.com . The first, the .org, will disappear in a couple of weeks. I moved because Earthlink began to charge a lot more than I wanted to spend. There appear to have been security problems. They cut off my statistics analyzer, and when I attempted to move my domain, even though it was purchased by them and resold to me, they wouldn't send me the KEY, nor would they send it to the original owners. In addition, I discovered that .com is a much more versatile extension. There were other things. But as of now www.hist-analytic.com is up and running. I can't find Bruce's Appendices page. But maybe it will turn up. If there are problems etc. let me know. 

Also, this list may be moving in the future. There are few posts. I intend to post more, now that this business is about over. I do want to add about five or ten new files. I'm going to put up some stuff by Feigl. I've tried contacting the people at Minn. Studies and don't get a reply. So I'll put some stuff up from them, their earlier years. 

I've been working on Kim on supervenience and have about 150 pages of my next book: Anti-Physicalism: Alternatives to Cartesianism. This will deal with supervenience, functionalism, and some of Ned Block's work on the "drainage argument." Among the things that intrigue me are some ideas set forth in Nicolis and Prigogine's Exploring Complexity, as well as some stuff in D. Bohm, who may escape some of the criticisms arising from a famous paper by von Neumann. On the side, I've fiddled with some modelling of mechanical processes as part of my work on causation. More later. 


STeve Bayne
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