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Baynesr at comcast.net Baynesr at comcast.net
Thu Mar 8 11:57:05 EST 2012

I may not have made myself clear: 


will continue. 

The discussion list and www.hist-analytic.org 

will not continue. 

Sorry for the lack of clarity. 



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Dear Subscribers: 

The list has been quiet. Much of this is my fault. Sadly, I will be allowing the account to lapse and the list will disappear. The list of members will be used for no commercial or political purpose. I appreciate all that various list members have done to help. 

I have begun to post at length on Wilfred Sellars at: 

I would encourage all who are interested in Sellars and related topics to subscribe. 

The process of moving www.hist-analytic.ORG to www. hist-analytic.COM is almost complete. 

Feel free to contact me on any matter. 

Best wishes 

Steven R. Bayne 45000 
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