The Factasia Business Model

The Factasia business is a virtual (i.e. almost no employees or assets), non-profit Value Agent operating through the Factasia Web site. To describe a value agency business you have to describe:
  • the purpose and values which drive it
  • the capabilities which the business deploys to realise the purpose, and
  • the partnerships (customer/supplier/.. relations) which provide supporting services and revenue streams.
Purpose and Values
The purpose of Factasia is to make the world a better place. The Factasia Value System describes the Factasian view of what better means. The summum bonum in the Factasia Value System is personal fulfillment realised through contribution to the fulfillment of others.

This is not however a reductive utilitarian calculus, the value system involves many more complementary but independent threads.

Core Competences
The core competences which Factasia intends to deploy are:
  • Understanding the present.
  • Designing the Future
  • Web based R&D underpinning and delivering a universally accessible model of the present and road map into the future.

Particular areas of interest and expertise are logic and software engineering, but a value agency must also take a position on values and must have a viable business model.

Business Partners
Factasia will enter into partnerships with other businesses which have sympathetic purposes and values. There will be a mesh of peer relationships, involving fine-grained reuse-by-reference (of web material) without a financial component. There will also be relationships more like customer/supplier relationships where one business gives financial support to another in exchange for some service. There are a variety of services involved in these business relationships
Factasia realises its purposes by using Factastic Future Engineering (a cluster of methods under development) to participate in creating a positive and effective consensus about the future. Web R&D creates in public hyper-media a design for the future and closely links this into the purposes, values, capabilities and strategies of those of today's leading companies who are closest aligned to the Factasia vision.

In this way Factasia helps to position these Companies and to support awareness of their present competence and future directions.

Factasia will deliver and procure advertising, sponsorship and commissioned Web R&D using ideas and research to promote its purposes and values and the sympathetic purposes of its business partners.

Advertising will be focussed and unobtrusive. It will be available only to those companies who fit into the story which Factasia is telling, and will be intended to help readers understand how these companies contribute to the kind of future which Factasia is promoting.

Companies sharing Factasia's purposes or values will be able to promote these values through sponsorship. They promote their values by supporting Factasia, showing that support tangibly to the public.

Companies wishing to work more closely with Factasia in its endeavour may influence the development of Factasia by commissioning R&D in areas which are of particular concern to their business.

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