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The Future
Factasia is really all about the future, so why do I need a special page on the topic? Well, actually though the motivation is all futuristic, the reality is that most of the material is about fairly timeless things, such as logic, or even about the past (even of logic).

So this page is a way to find some of the bits that really are about the future.

The Factasia ContentBRIDGE - this is the top level overview of the Factasia vision of the future.
The Future of The Future - how will the future be determined, in the future?
See also: The Future of The Future Presentation Collateral, a powerpoint presentation converted to HTML, hyperlinked and annotated.
Factastic Future Engineering - using factasy to create the future.
Memetic Future Engineering - exploiting memetics for engineering the future.
Contrasting Visions of Future Empowerment - make the future, or be unmade by it.
Factasia Through the Looking Glass - reflections on how to make the future of Factasia happen now.

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