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Informal Logic
Reasoning in natural language.
Symbolic Logic
Using symbolic notations for formal reasoning.
Automation of Reasoning
Computer support for symbolic logic.
Formal Methods
Engineering applications of formal logic.
Logic People
A selection of people interested in logic and their works.
Logical Miscellany
Logic organisations et. al.
general resources
An extensive collection of links to internet resources on Logic, Philosophy and Artificial Life.
Mathematical Logic around the world
A collection of logic links by Boris Piwinger at the University of Bonn.
International newsletter on the teaching and learning of mathematical proof.
amazon.com logic books

Philosophy in Cyberspace on Logic and Phil. Science

Episteme Links


Informal Logic:

Reasoning correctly in plain language.
The role of logic in argumentation Jan Woleński's review of Witold Marciszewski's Logic from a Rhetorical Point of View
Logic & Fallacies Advice on constructing a logical argument from The Atheism Web
Fallacies Stephen Downes
Informal Fallacies - based on the work of Dr. Charles Ess
Logic - online tutorial materials by G. Kemerling
Logic Book - online book on Philosophical Logic (in progress) by Johan Mĺrtensson
Critical Thinking Core Concepts - online tutorial from Longview Community College

Symbolic Logic:

Using symbolic notations for formal reasoning.
The Semantic Conception of Truth and the Foundations of Semantics by Alfred Tarski, University of California, Berkeley.
The Calculus of Logic by George Boole
The beginnings of set theory at St. Andrew's
Logical Methods in Computer Science a refereed online journal
Logic course by Robert K. Brayton at UC Berkeley
Computability and Recursion (postscript) by Robert I. Soare at Chicago University
An Introduction to Teaching Logic as a Tool by David Gries mainly about equational logic, oriented towards program verification.
Combinatory Logic and the Lambda Calculus
Introduction to the Lambda Calculus by L. Allison at Monash University
Universal Algebra in Combinatory Logic by Beatrice Amrhein at Hochschule fur Technik und Architektur Berne
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Logical Miscellany:

Logic organisations et. al.
ASL - The Association for Symbolic Logic
BLC - British Logic Colloquium
FoLLI - the European Association for Logic, Language and Information
IGPL - Interest Group on Propositional Logics
LICS - IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science
Sundry Resources
Linear Logic
Computability Theory
Fuzzy Logic FAQ
Stanford Encyclopedia of Logic Technology
RUU Logic Group Preprint Series
LaTeX for Logicians
Mailing Lists
fom - Steve Simpson's mailing list on the foundations of mathematics.
Lovefish14 ...logic is not only the first (NT, John 1; 1) but also the last word (NT, Rev. 19;13).

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