Notes by RBJ on

The Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap

Edited by Paul Arthur Schilpp

The Library of Living Philosophers, Volume 11

I. The Development of my Thinking1.My Student Years
2.The Beginning of My Work in Philosophy (1919-1926)
3.The Vienna Circle (1926-1935)
4.America (Since 1936)
A. My Life in the United States
B. The Situation of Philosophy in the United States...
II. Philosophical Problems5.Pseudo Problems in Philosophy
6.The Foundations of Mathematics
7.Physicalism and the Unity of Science
8.The Logical Syntax of Language
9.Liberalization of Empiricism
11.Language Planning
12.Probability and Inductive Logic
13.The Theoretical Language
14.Values and Practical Decisions
CHARLES MORRISPragmatism and Logical Empiricism
ROBERT S. COHENDialectical Materialism and Carnap's Logical Empiricism
PHILIPP FRANKThe Pragmatic Components in Carnap's 'Elimination of Metaphysics'
PAUL HENLEMeaning and Verifiability
KARL R. POPPERThe Demarcation Between Science and Metaphysics
HERBERT FEIGLPhysicalism, Unity of Science and the Foundations of Psychology
A. J. AYERCarnap's Treatment of the Problem of Other Minds
ROBERT FEYSCarnap on Modalities
JOHN MYHILLAn Alternative to the Method of Extension and Intension
DONALD DAVIDSONThe Method of Extension and Intension
R. M. MARTINOn Carnap's Conception of Semantics
W. V. QUINECarnap and Logical Truth
HERBERT G. BOHNERTCarnap's Theory of Definition and Analyticity
WILFRID SELLARSEmpiricism and Abstract Entities
E. W. BETHCarnap's Views on the Advantages of Constructed Systems Over Natural Languages in the Philosophy of Science
P. F. STRAWSONCarnap's Views on Constructed Systems versus Natural Languages in Analytic Philosophy
YEHOSHUA BAR-HILLELRemarks on Carnap's Logical Syntax of Language
NELSON GOODMANThe Significance of Der logische Aufbau der Welt
ARTHUR PAPReduction Sentences and Disposition Concepts
ADOLF GRüNBAUMCarnap's Views on the Foundations of Geometry
CARL G. HEMPELImplications of Carnap's Work for the Philosophy of Science
JOHN G. KEMENYCarnap's Theory of Probability and Induction
ARTHUR W. BURKSOn the Significance of Carnap's System of Inductive Logic for the Philosophy of Induction
HILARY PUTNAM'Degree of Confirmation' and Inductive Logic
ERNEST NAGELCarnap's Theory of Induction
ABRAHAM KAPLANLogical Empiricism and Value Judgments
  Introductory Remarks
I. Relations Between Logical Empiricism and Other Philosophical Movements1.Charles Morris on Pragmatism and Logical Empiricism
2.Robert S. Cohen on Dialectical Materialism vs. Empiricism
3.Philipp Frank and V. Brushlinsky on Positivism, Metaphysics, and Marxism
II. Metaphysics, Realism, and Physicalism 4.My Views on Ontological Problems of Existence
5Paul Henle on Meaning and Verifiability
6K. R. Popper on The Demarcation Between Science and Metaphysics
7Herbert Feigl on Physicalism
8A. J. Ayer on Other Minds
III. Language, Modal Logic, and Semantics9.My Conception of the Logic of Modalities
10My Conception of Semantics
11Robert Feys on Modalities
12John Myhill on Modal Logic and Semantics
13Donald Davidson on Modalities and Semantlcs
14Richard Martin on Semantics
15W. V. Quine on Logical Truth
16Herbert G. Bohnert on Definitions and Analyticity
17Wilfrid Sellars on Abstract Entities in Semantlcs
18E. W. Beth on Constructed Language Systems
19P. F. Strawson on Linguistic Naturalism
20Yehoshua Bar-Hillel on Linguistics and Metatheory...
IV. Concepts and Theories of Empirical Science21.Nelson Goodman on Der logische Aufbau der Welt....
22Arthur Pap on Dispositions
23Adolf Grijnbaum on the Philosophy of Space and Time
24Carl G. Hempel on Scientific Theories
V. Probability and Induction25.My Basic Conceptions of Probability and Induction...
26An Axiom System for Inductive Logic
27John G. Kemeny on Probability and Induction
28Arthur W. Burks on the Philosophy of Induction
29Hilary Putnam on Degree of Confirmation and Inductive Logic
30Ernest Nagel on Inductlon
31K. R. Popper on Probability and Induction
VI. Value Judgments32.Abraham Kaplan on Value Judgments

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