Notes by RBJ on
Concept Calculus: Much Better Than
by Harvey Friedman
Friedman, after forty years of concentration (though not exclusive) on a program to make more conspicuous to mathematicians the importance of mathematical logic in general and the implications of the Gödel incompleteness results, has unleashed himself to attempt some work which he hopes (expects perhaps) will have a broader signficance.
A few words on the nature of my interest in this material.

A few words on the nature of my interest in this material.
In Common

Friedman and I have one thing in common, which is a belief in the fundamental importance of the theory of well-founded sets. We both belief that its signficance is not only in mathematical logic, nor even in mathematics, but also for philosophy and for many other disciplines.

I don't however see much in common in our conceptions of what the importance of set theory is.

I would describe Harvey's conception as being about what I would call "proof theoretic strength" perhaps better "consistency strength", but which Harvey might call "interpretive power", and I agree that this is one of the important things which is supplied uniquely well by set theory.

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