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Ernest Gellner
Philosophy, social anthropology.  
[Gellner59] Words and Things An examination of, and an attack on, linguistic philosophy.
Second edition, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1979, ISBN 0-7100-0285-8
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[Gellner92] Reason and Culture
New Perspectives on The Past Blackwell 1992, ISBN 0-631-13711-4
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[Gellner98] Language and Solitude Wittgenstein, Malinowski and the Habsburg Dilemma
Cambridge University Press 1998, ISBN 0-521-63997-2
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Michael Genesereth
Logic, automated reasoning, AI. Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF). Knowledge Sharing Environment (KSE). Home Page

P. Di Gianantonio
Home Page Exact Real computation and domain theory.
[Gianantonio93] Real number computability and domain theory;
in Proceedings of the 18th Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, Gdansk, Poland, 1993; p413-422 Springer LNCS 711.

Peter Gibbins
Philosophy, logic. logical-space.com Chairman of Oxford Virtual Technology. E-commerce, Java, Corba, DCOM, XML.

Kurt Gödel

Logic, philosophy.
[Gödel30] Completeness of the axioms of the functional calculus of logic,
English translation in [Heijenoort67]
[Gödel31] On fomally undecidable propositions of Principia Mathematica and related systems I,
English translation in [Heijenoort67]

Ben Goertzel
Home Page Cybernetics, physics. From WWW to world wide brain. Extensive online writings.

Joseph Goguen
Home Page Applications of Category theory to problems relating to computing, e.g. to formal algebraic specification of computer systems. Institutions.

Robert E. Goodin

[Goodin93] Goodin, Robert E.; Pettit, Phillip;
A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy; Blackwell Publishers 1993; ISBN 0-631-19951-9 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs

Michael J.C. Gordon

Automated reasoning and its applications in digital hardware design. Cambridge LCF, HOL. Home Page
[Gordon93] Introduction to HOL - a theorem proving environment for higher order logic;
with T.F.Melham, Cambridge University Press 1993; ISBN 0-521-44189-7
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Stephen Jay Gould

[Gould91] Gould, Stephen Jay;
Bully for Brontosaurus; Hutchinson Radius (an imprint of Random Century) 1991. purchase from amazon purchase from ibs Notes

Paul Grice

Oxonian analytic philosopher (of conversational implicature fame) Home Page
[Grice89] Studies in the Ways of Words;
Harvard University Press 1989; ISBN 0674852710
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Yuri Gurevich

[Gurevich95] Gurevich, Yuri;
Platonism, Constructivism, and Computer Proof vs. Proofs by Hand; in The Logic in Computer Science Column, EATCS Bulletin number 57, 1995. Notes

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