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Immanuel Kant
[Kant29] Critique of Pure Reason  
translated by Norman Kemp Smith, St Martins Press 1969. purchase from amazon purchase from ibs
translated by J. M. Meiklejohn purchase from amazon purchase from ibs factasia HTML edition

Michael Kay
Software engineer, relational databases, XML, XSLT, Genealogical data markup language. Home Page

Peter Koellner
Set theory, ZF, CH, Carnap... Home Page
[KoellnerRS] Research Statement Online Text
[Koellner2009] Carnap on the Foundations of Logic and Mathematics Online Text Notes

Michael Kohlhase

Home Page Higher-Order Unification and Theorem Proving, logics and calculi for partial functions, deduction systems as a whole, and natural language semantics.

Leszek Kolakowski
Philosophy. Positivism.  
[Kolakowski1972] Positivist Philosophy - From Hume to the Vienna Circle Penguin Books, 1972, paperback edition purchase from amazon Notes

Peter Kornerup

Home Page Computer arithmetic.

Saul A. Kripke
Philosophy. The semantics of modal logics.  
[Kripke80] Naming and Necessity Harvard University Press, 1980, paperback edition purchase from amazon purchase from ibs Notes
[Kripke82] Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Languages: An Elementary Exposition Harvard University Press, 1982  

Thomas Kuhn
History and philosophy of science.  
[Kuhn62] The Structure of Scientific Revolutions; The University of Chicago Press, third edition 1996; purchase from amazon purchase from ibs
[Kuhn2000] The Road Since Structure; The University of Chicago Press, 2000; purchase from amazon

Kenneth Kunen
Axiomatic set theory. Logic programming and automated deduction. Home Page
[Kunen80] Set Theory - an Introduction to Independence Proofs;
Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics, North Holland, 1980;
purchase from amazon

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