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Maarten Maartensz

Philosophy, logic, literature, essays, computing, ME. Home Page

John McCarthy

Logical AI. Home Page

Donald MacKenzie

Sociology. Logic and Proof. Home Page
[MacKenzie95] Automation of Proof: A Historical and Sociological Exploration; IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, Vol.17 No.3,1995 Online HTML
[MacKenzie2001] Mechanising Proof: Computing, Risk and Trust; MIT Press, inside technology series, 2001 Online HTML purchase from amazon purchase from ibs

Saunders Mac Lane

[MacLane71] Mac Lane, Saunders;
Categories for the Working Mathematician; Springer-Verlag 1971; ISBN 0387900357; Notes
[MacLane86] Mac Lane, Saunders;
Mathematics, Form and Function; Springer-Verlag 1986; purchase from amazon Notes

David A. McNaughton
Philosophy. Ethics.  
[McNaughton88] Moral Vision Basil Blackwell, 1988 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs Notes

Chris Macrae

[Macrae91] Macrae, Chris;
World Class Brands; Addison Wesley 1991; purchase from amazon
[Macrae97] Macrae, Chris;
The Brand Chartering Handbook: How Brand Organisations Learn 'Living Scripts'; Addison Wesley 1997; purchase from ibs purchase from amazon

Bryan Magee

[Magee78] Men of Ideas - some creators of contemporary philosophy
Oxford Paperbacks, Oxford University Press, 1982, ISBN 0-19-283034-1
purchase from amazonO Notes

Norman Malcolm

Philosophy. Wittgenstein.  
[Malcolm62] Ludwig Wittgenstein - a memoire
Oxford Paperbacks, Oxford University Press, second edition 1984, ISBN 0-19-283042-2
purchase from amazonO

Peter Marshall

Anarchism Home Page
[Marshall1992] Demanding the Impossible a history of anarchism
Harper Perennial, 2008
purchase from amazon Contents and sample chapters

Adrian Matthias

Set theory. History of Logic. The ignorance of Bourbaki. Home Page

John Mayberry
Foundations of mathematics and technical problems in logic which bear directly on the foundations of mathematics Home Page
[Mayberry2000] The Foundations of Mathematics in the Theory of Sets Cambridge University Press, 1988 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs Contents and sample chapters

Valérie Ménissier-Morain

Home Page Exact Arithmetic.

Robin Milner

[Milner97] Milner, Robin; Tofte, Mads; Harper, Robert; MacQueen, David;
The Definition of Standard ML (revised); MIT Press, 1997; purchase from amazon purchase from ibs

Marvin Minsky

[Minsky67] Minsky, Marvin L.;
Computation - Finite and Infinite Machines; Prentice Hall, 1967;

Michel de Montaigne

French aristocrat of the sixteenth century. Essayist (with a style which is a predecessor of "stream of consciousness"). Sceptic.  
[Montaigne2003] The Complete Works - essays, travel journal, letters Everyman's Library, 259, 2003 purchase from amazon Notes


Philosopher. Co-conspirator with Bertrand Russell in the genesis of modern analytic philosophy.  
[Moore03] Principia Ethica Cambridge University Press, 1959 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs Notes
[Moore25] A Defence of Common Sense in [Moore93] Notes
[Moore93] Selected Writings Routledge, 1993 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs

Gregory Moore

[MooreG?] Mooore, Gregory;
The emergence of first order logic; in Aspray & Kitcher (ed) - History and Philosophy of Modern Mathematics (Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Modern Science) ISBN 0816615675 (out of print) purchase from amazon

Paul K. Moser

[Moser87] Moser, Paul K. (Editor);
A Priori Knowledge; Oxford University Press, 1987; purchase from amazon

H.O. Mounce
Philosopher. Pragmatism.  
[Mounce97] The Two Pragmatisms Routledge, 1997 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs

Frederik Archibold Muller

Home Page Foundations and philosophy of physics, mathematics and logic.
Philosophy of science.
Of his doctoral thesis (summarised on his home page) he says: "In brief, this Thesis is an old-fashioned quest for a founding language and a founding theory for physical and mathematical knowledge".

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