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History of Western Philosophy
by Bertrand Russell
"the first attempt to present a history of Western philosophy in relation to its social and economic background"
1 Ancient Philosophy
Part 1 - The Pre-Socratics
Part 2 - Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle
Part 3 - Ancient Philosophy after Aristotle
2 Catholic Philosophy
Part 1 - The Fathers
Part 2 - The Schoolmen
3 Modern Philosophy
Part 1 - From the Renaissance to Hume
Part 2 - From Rousseau to the Present Day
XVIII The Romantic Movement
From latter part of the eighteenth century, persisting in its influence on art literature and philosophy until the present day, the romantic outlook in its most essential form was a revolt against received ethical and aesthetic standards.
XIX Rousseau
The father of romanticism. Russell identifies two main features of Rousseau's thinking which were relevant to the history of philosophical thought (though he made contributions elsewhere). The first in theology, the second in political theory.

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