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Political theory.  
[Sabine63] A History of Political Theory; Published by George G. Harrap & Co., ISBN 0 24556485 3 purchase from amazon Notes

Alex Sakharov

Logic, mathematics, computing. Home Page

Jean-Paul Sartre

[Satre46] Existentialism & Humanism; translation into English and introduction by Philip Mairet, published by Methuen, 1948 purchase from amazon Notes

Moses Schönfinkel

[Schönfinkel24] Schönfinkel, Moses;
On the builiding blocks of mathematical logic; in [Heijenoort67]. Notes

Arthur Schopenhauer

[Schopenhauer1818] The World as Will and Idea; in two volumes, translated into English by R.B. Haldane and J. Kemp and published by Routledge Kegan & Paul, 1883 Notes

Dana Scott

Home PageMathematics, logic, computer science, philosophy. Denotational semantics and domain theory.

Roger Scruton

[Scruton94] Scruton, Roger;
Modern Philosophy an introduction and survey; Penguin USA, 1996 purchase from amazon Arrow Books (Random House), 1997purchase from ibs Notes

Cosma Rohilla Shalizi

Wide ranging notebooks and book reviews. Definitely worth a read. Home Page
  Cosma's Notebooks online notebooks
  The Bactra Review - Cosma's book reviews. online book reviews

Stewart Shapiro

Philosophy of Mathematics.  
[Shapiro91] Foundations without Foundationalism: a case for second order logic; Oxford University Press, 2000; ISBN: 0198250290 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs Notes
[Shapiro97] Philosophy of mathematics : structure and ontology; Oxford University Press, 1997; ISBN: 0195094522 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs
[Shapiro2005] The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic; Oxford University Press, ; ISBN: 0195148770 purchase from amazon Notes

Seth Sharpless

Home Page Philosopher. Student of Carnap.

Jörg Siekmann

[Jörg Siekmann83a] Siekmann, Jörg; Wrightson, Graham; (editors)
Automation of Reasoning 1 - classical papers on Computational Logic 1957-1966; Springer-Verlag 1983, ISBN 0-387-12043-2, purchase from amazon
[Jörg Siekmann83b] Siekmann, Jörg; Wrightson, Graham; (editors)
Automation of Reasoning 2 - classical papers on Computational Logic 1967-1970; Springer-Verlag, 1983, ISBN 3-540-12044-0, purchase from amazon

Alex Simpson

Home Page Lazy Functional Algorithms for Exact Real Functionals. Sequential integration and max using Berger's algorithm on a signed binary representation.

Stephen G. Simpson
Foundations of mathematics, combinatorics, and mathematical logic. Reverse Mathematics. Home Page
  The Foundations of Mathematics - web page (with online lecture notes) web page
  FOM - mailing list on the foundations of mathematics online FOM information

Peter Singer

[Singer91] Singer, Peter (ed.);
A Companion to Ethics; Blackwell Companions to Philosophy; Blackwell 1993 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs Notes

Bridget Skanski-Such

Home Page Artist and musician.

Aaron Sloman

Home Page The philosophy of mind and the philosophical implications of Artificial Intelligence.

Yannis Smaragdakis

Home Page Functional Programming in C++

Barry Smith
Philosopher with a special interest in ontology, including the kind of ontology found in AI. Home Page

Douglas J. Smith

[Smith96] Smith, Douglas J.;
HDL Chip Design; Doone Publications, 1996 purchase from amazon

Raymond Smullyan

[Smullyan77] Smullyan, Raymond,
The Tao is Silent; Harper and Row, 1977: purchase from ibs; reissue edition, 1992, Harper San Francisco: purchase from amazon;
[Smullyan85] Smullyan, Raymond,
To Mock a Mockingbird; Alfred A. Knopf, New York 1985 (now Random House); ISBN 0-394-53491-3


PhilosopherYahoo on Socrates
  Socrates had it coming - online polemic. Online Text

Alan Sokal

Home Page Physics, with notorious excursions into the critique of postmodernist philosophy and epistemic relativism.
  Alan Sokal Articles on the Social Text Affair
- a page of links to online controversy about Sokal's "success de scandal".
Online Text
[Sokal97] Intellectual Impostures Co-authored with Jean Bricmont
English translation: Profile Books, 1998.
purchase from ibs
[Sokal98] Fashionable Nonsense Co-authored with Jean Bricmont
English translation, hardcover, St Martins Press, December 1998. (I think this is the same as [Sokal97].)
purchase from amazon

Robert M. Solovay

Home PageLogic, set theory.

Michael Spivey

[Spivey88] Spivey, J. Michael,
Understanding Z - a specification language and its formal semantics; Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science 3, purchase from amazon purchase from ibs
[Spivey89] Spivey, J. Michael;
The Z Notation a Reference Manual; Prentice Hall 1989,

Eli Sternheim

[Sternheim93] Sternheim, Eli; Singh, Rajvir; Madhaven, Rajeev; Yatin, Trivedi;
Digital Design and Synthesis with Verilog HDL; Automata Publicshing Company, 1993 purchase from amazon

Roger Stokes

The J programming language, formal methods, philosophy. Home Page
  Learning J Online Text

Thomas Ryan Stone

Home Page Creator and maintainer of the Episteme Links philosophy web site.

Avrum Stroll

[Stroll2000] Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy; Columbia University Press, 2000 purchase from amazon Notes

Peter Suber

Home Page Professor of Philosophy at Earlham College. Scepticism, logic.
  Classical Skepticism online text
  Metaphilosophy Themes and Questions - a Personal List. Loads of questions about the nature of philosophy. online text
  Infinite Reflections (- reflections on the infinite) online text
  A Crash Course in the Mathematics of Infinite Sets online text

Haidee-Jo Summers

Home Page Homely expressionism. Great art.

Philipp Sünderhauf

Home Page Domain theory, topology, (exact) real number computation, computability in analysis.

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