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Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy - Z   Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy - Z
Richard Zach
Logic, especially: non-classical logics in computer science (temporal logics, many-valued and fuzzy logics), proof theory, the history and philosophy of logic, and the philosophy of mathematics. Home Page
Edward N. Zalta
Metaphysics and Epistemology, Philosophy of Language and Intensional Logic, of Mind and Intentionality and of Mathematics, Editor of Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy Home Page
  The Metaphysics Research Lab - web site Web Site
[Zalta98a] The Theory of Abstract Objects - online summary and tutorial Online HTML Notes
[Zalta98b] Principia Metaphysica - online treatise, follow links in [Zalta98a]  
Ernst Zermelo
Set Theory  
[Zermelo08] Investigations in the Foundations of Set Theory I in [Heijenoort67].  

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