Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 10 Part 3

One and many, same and other, unlike, contrariety

Paragraph 1 The one and the many are opposed in several ways, of which one is the opposition of the one and plurality as indivisible and divisible;
Paragraph 2 To the one belong, as we indicated graphically in our distinction of the contraries, the same and the like and the equal, and to plurality belong the other and the unlike and the unequal.
Paragraph 3 (1) we sometimes mean 'the same numerically';
Paragraph 4 (2) we call a thing the same if it is one both in definition and in number, e.g. you are one with yourself both in form and in matter;
Paragraph 5 (3) if the definition of its primary essence is one;
Paragraph 6 Things are like if, not being absolutely the same, nor without difference in respect of their concrete substance, they are the same in form;
Paragraph 7 Evidently, then, 'other' and 'unlike' also have several meanings.
Paragraph 8 The other, then, and the same are thus opposed.
Paragraph 9 Contraries are different, and contrariety is a kind of difference.

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