Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 10 Part 7

Intermediates and contraries

Paragraph 1 Since contraries admit of an intermediate and in some cases have it, intermediates must be composed of the contraries.
Paragraph 2 For (1) all intermediates are in the same genus as the things between which they stand.
Paragraph 3 But (2) all intermediates stand between opposites of some kind;
Paragraph 4 (3) If intermediates are in the same genus, as has been shown, and stand between contraries, they must be composed of these contraries.
Paragraph 5 Therefore it is (b) with regard to these contraries which do not fall within a genus that we must first ask of what their intermediates are composed.
Paragraph 6 Clearly, then, intermediates are
Paragraph 7 (1) all in the same genus
Paragraph 8 and (2) intermediate between contraries,
Paragraph 9 and (3) all compounded out of the contraries.

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