Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 1 Part 2

The nature of wisdom

Paragraph 1 Since we are seeking this knowledge, we must inquire of what kind are the causes and the principles, the knowledge of which is Wisdom.
Paragraph 2 Such and so many are the notions, then, which we have about Wisdom and the wise.
Paragraph 3 That it is not a science of production is clear even from the history of the earliest philosophers.
Paragraph 4 Hence also the possession of it might be justly regarded as beyond human power;
Paragraph 5 Yet the acquisition of it must in a sense end in something which is the opposite of our original inquiries.
Paragraph 6 We have stated, then, what is the nature of the science we are searching for, and what is the mark which our search and our whole investigation must reach.

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