Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 1 Part 6


Paragraph 1 After the systems we have named came the philosophy of Plato, which in most respects followed these thinkers, but had pecullarities that distinguished it from the philosophy of the Italians.
Paragraph 2 Further, besides sensible things and Forms he says there are the objects of mathematics, which occupy an intermediate position, differing from sensible things in being eternal and unchangeable, from Forms in that there are many alike, while the Form itself is in each case unique.
Paragraph 3 Since the Forms were the causes of all other things, he thought their elements were the elements of all things.
Paragraph 4 But he agreed with the Pythagoreans in saying that the One is substance and not a predicate of something else;
Paragraph 5 Plato, then, declared himself thus on the points in question;

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