Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 1 Part 7

Conclusions on first principles in earlier philosphers

Paragraph 1 Our review of those who have spoken about first principles and reality and of the way in which they have spoken, has been concise and summary;
Paragraph 2 These thinkers grasped this cause only;
Paragraph 3 The essence, i.e. the substantial reality, no one has expressed distinctly.
Paragraph 4 That for whose sake actions and changes and movements take place, they assert to be a cause in a way, but not in this way, i.e. not in the way in which it is its nature to be a cause.
Paragraph 5 All these thinkers then, as they cannot pitch on another cause, seem to testify that we have determined rightly both how many and of what sort the causes are.

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