Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 11 Part 1

The subject matter of wisdom

Paragraph 1 That Wisdom is a science of first principles is evident from the introductory chapters, in which we have raised objections to the statements of others about the first principles;
Paragraph 2 Further, is it the business of one science, or of more than one, to examine the first principles of demonstration?
Paragraph 3 Further, does Wisdom investigate all substances or not?
Paragraph 4 Further, does it deal with substances only or also with their attributes?
Paragraph 5 But again the science we are looking for must not be supposed to deal with the causes which have been mentioned in the Physics.
Paragraph 6 In general one might raise the question, to what kind of science it belongs to discuss the difficulties about the matter of the objects of mathematics.
Paragraph 7 One might discuss the question whether the science we are seeking should be said to deal with the principles which are by some called elements;

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