Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 11 Part 2

Kinds of substance

Paragraph 1 Further, must we suppose something apart from individual things, or is it these that the science we are seeking treats of?
Paragraph 2 Further, if there is a substance or principle of such a nature as that which we are now seeking, and if this is one for all things, and the same for eternal and for perishable things, it is hard to say why in the world, if there is the same principle, some of the things that fall under the principle are eternal, and others are not eternal;
Paragraph 3 If on the other hand we are to set up what are thought to be the most unchangeable principles, being and unity, firstly, if each of these does not indicate a 'this' or substance, how will they be separable and independent?
Paragraph 4 A further difficulty is raised by the fact that all knowledge is of universals and of the 'such', but substance is not a universal, but is rather a 'this' - a separable thing, so that if there is knowledge about the first principles, the question arises, how are we to suppose the first principle to be substance?
Paragraph 5 Further, is there anything apart from the concrete thing (by which I mean the matter and that which is joined with it), or not?
Paragraph 6 Further, are the principles the same in kind or in number?

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