Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 11 Part 8

Accidental being

Paragraph 1 Since 'being' in general has several senses, of which one is 'being by accident', we must consider first that which 'is' in this sense.
Paragraph 2 That a science of the accidental is not even possible will be evident if we try to see what the accidental really is.
Paragraph 3 Evidently there are not causes and principles of the accidental, of the same kind as there are of the essential;
Paragraph 4 As to that which 'is' in the sense of being true or of being by accident, the former depends on a combination in thought and is an affection of thought (which is the reason why it is the principles, not of that which 'is' in this sense, but of that which is outside and can exist apart, that are sought);
Paragraph 5 Adaptation to an end is found in events that happen by nature or as the result of thought.
Paragraph 6 Since nothing accidental is prior to the essential, neither are accidental causes prior.

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