Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 12 Part 7

Eternal and unmovable substance

Paragraph 1 Since (1) this is a possible account of the matter, and (2) if it were not true, the world would have proceeded out of night and 'all things together' and out of non-being, these difficulties may be taken as solved.
Paragraph 2 That a final cause may exist among unchangeable entities is shown by the distinction of its meanings.
Paragraph 3 On such a principle, then, depend the heavens and the world of nature.
Paragraph 4 Those who suppose, as the Pythagoreans and Speusippus do, that supreme beauty and goodness are not present in the beginning, because the beginnings both of plants and of animals are causes, but beauty and completeness are in the effects of these, are wrong in their opinion.
Paragraph 5 It is clear then from what has been said that there is a substance which is eternal and unmovable and separate from sensible things.

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